Built on lean engineering

Doing more with less is part of our DNA. As engineers, we are relentlessly dissatisfied and look for problems to solve. TOPL aims to prove that a world without single use cups could exist if people no longer needed to compromise when drinking on-the-go. Our mission has been to create a better, safer alternative to the disposable cup by reimagining traditional design.

Our lid is comprised of free floating parts to help with end-of-life tear down.

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One small cup, one big mission

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  • Reduced environmental impact

    We understand our product impact through lifecycle assessment. This examines each stage of a product’s life – from raw material extraction through to disposal – to identify the impacts and inefficiencies in existing designs, and reduce them. We’re focused on using less energy and fewer resources in the production and manufacturing phase, whilst reducing the environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle.

  • Built to last

    Core to the sustainability of a product is its durability – how long it will last. Materials aren’t static, they change over time and under different conditions. That is why all of our products are rigorously tested to the point of failure. It is only by testing until failure that we can understand our technology’s limits, and create robust products that are built to last.