Patent number: 8931654

Abstract: A closure device (2) for a fluid vessel (1) comprises a bistable valve arrangement which includes first and second valve rim portions (4, 5) and a valve member (3) engageable with either of the rim portions (4, 5) respectively to define an open position in which fluid (9) can exit the vessel (1) and a closed position in which fluid (9) is substantially prevented from exiting the vessel (1). The valve is arranged to close automatically when an impulse is exerted against the valve member (3). This can occur for example when the vessel (1) is knocked over and the fluid (9) therein exerts pressure against the valve member (3).

Type: Granted


Patent Application Number: PCT/EP2020/059678

Abstract: A closure device attachable to a fluid vessel, the closure device comprising a fluid passage and a valve comprising a valve member. The valve member is moveable between an open position and a closed position wherein fluid can exit an attached fluid vessel in the open position and is prevented from exiting an attached fluid vessel in the closed position. The closure device is moveable between a first and second configuration. The fluid passage is obstructed by the valve member to prevent fluid from exiting an attached fluid vessel when the closure device is in a first configuration. In the second configuration, the valve is moveable between the open and the closed position.

Status: Pending