What’s the deal with Spill-Safe Technology?

TOPL is not a toy. Spill-Safe Technology is designed for accidents only. TOPL does not guarantee complete protection against spills, our Spill-Safe Technology is designed to reduce spills.

Once TOPL has been knocked over and the Spill-Safe feature has been activated, return the cup to an upright position. Leave TOPL to stand for a short period of time to allow any pressure within the vessel to equalize. This is essential if contents are hot. Remove the lid and dry it thoroughly. Spill-Safe Technology will not function correctly if TOPL is repeatedly knocked over when there is liquid trapped inside the lid mechanism. 

Please be aware that if the lid is subjected to sudden forces, such as rapid drinking motions, it can close automatically. Exercise particular caution when drinking hot liquids, as steam increases the sensitivity of the of the lid and can cause the TOPL disc to jump shut more easily. If this does happen, dry the lid and push the TOPL disc down again. Leave the lid in this position to allow steam to escape and pressure to equalize within the vessel. 

How does the lid work?

See our Care & Use section.

Any DO’S & DON’TS?

  • Do exercise extreme caution with hot liquids.

  • Do not knock TOPL over repeatedly.

  • Do keep TOPL upright with hot liquids.

  • Do bear in mind that Spill-Safe Technology is designed to reduce spills, not prevent them.

  • Do not lock the lid with liquids over 65°C as this creates pressure within the vessel, causing liquid and steam to seep out (NB Barista standard serving temperate is around 65°C).

  • Do not fill cup beyond the MAX line.

  • Do not put TOPL in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.

  • Do not use alkaline based detergents to clean TOPL.

The lid won’t push down when filled with hot drinks. Why?

Hot liquid over 65°C can cause steam pressure to build-up inside a sealed cup. If the TOPL disc seems hard to push down due to pressure build up, try removing the lid and allowing your beverage to cool before attaching the lid again.  

Do not force the TOPL disc down, hot liquid could spurt out and burn you.

How do I clean my TOPL?

See our ‘Care & Use for full instructions.

How often should I clean my TOPL

TOPL is only watertight if the seals and mechanism are kept clean. We suggest that you clean your cup after every use. We can’t be held responsible for leaks if contaminents are trapped in the seal or mechanism.

How long will it keep my drink hot/cold for?

Our stainless-steel cups are twin-walled and vacuum insulated. TOPL keeps drinks hot for roughly 3 hours and cold for 6 hours.

Can I freeze or microwave my TOPL?

No – TOPL is not suitable for microwaving or at home freezing.

Is TOPL BPA free?

Yes, TOPL is completely BPA free.

What is TOPL made from?




  • Polypropylene

  • Certified non-toxic

  • BPA free


  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • Stain

  • Odour and scratch resistant

  • Non-porous

  • Twin walled

  • Vacuum insulated

  • Medical grade silicone


How can I make sure my TOPL lasts as long as possible?

Just try to clean your TOPL after every use. That’s all you should need to do. 

Why is my TOPL leaking?

TOPL should not be leaking! Let’s get this sorted out for you.

We'd first suggest double checking that the cup hasn't been filled above the max fill line, as this is the most common cause of leakage.

Another suggestion is to allow liquid to cool when it is first poured into the vessel before attaching the lid. This will allow steam to escape and for pressure to equalise. In some instances, the pressure of steam can cause liquid to seep out.

Still leaking? No problem. Get your phone out and take a short video of the issue, then email it to for support.

What is the warranty on TOPL products?

TOPL warrants that the Product purchased shall be and remain free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty does not extend to any fair wear and tear.

TOPL will replace any defective item or part of Product at its sole cost, including delivery, upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of the defective item or part.

For any claim to be recognised customers must notify TOPL immediately and provide an order number or receipt number as proof of purchase and we will provide you with an exchange, refund or repair within the guidelines.

TOPL will replace without charge any damaged or faulty components within 12 months of purchase.


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