Care & Use



Ensure the lid is clean & dry. Thread the lid in a clockwise direction. The lid must be securely attached to lock the cup correctly.


STEP A: From locked position, gently reverse the lid anti-clockwise by a quarter-turn until you feel resistance.

STEP B: Push down TOPL disc. Drink.

Remember, when the silver band is revealed at the top of the cup, the lid is in the open position.

CAUTION: When performing Step A, make sure you do not unthread the lid completely. If you do unthread the lid, lock it firmly once again & repeat this step. If you have completed Step A correctly, the TOPL disc will be held in the open position. If the TOPL disc jumps closed when you are drinking, dry the lid completely & repeat Step A.


Unthread the lid in an anti-clockwise direction. Handwash only with mild detergent & hot water.

  • To clean the cup, use a brush for the interior & a soft cloth for the exterior.

  • To clean the lid, pour hot water into the top watching it run through the valve. Use a small brush for a deeper clean inside the lid.

  • Always ensure the lid is clean & dry before attaching.

  • Do not put TOPL in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.

  • Do not use alkaline based detergents to clean TOPL.

CAUTION: TOPL is a cup not a flask. Maximum temperature of beverages when using TOPL should be 85°C. Ensure TOPL is kept upright with hot liquids. Do not lock the lid with liquids over 65°C as this creates pressure within the vessel, causing liquid & steam to seep out (NB Barista standard serving temperate is around 65°C). Do not fill cup beyond the MAX line.



TOPL is not a toy. Spill-Safe Technology is designed to protect users from accidental spills. TOPL does not guarantee spill prevention or complete protection from spills, the function of Spill-Safe Technology is to reduce spills.

Once TOPL has been knocked over and Spill-Safe Technology has been activated, return the cup to an upright position. Leave TOPL to stand for a short period of time to allow any pressure within the vessel to equalize. This is essential if contents are hot. Remove the lid and dry it thoroughly. Spill-Safe Technology will not function correctly if TOPL is repeatedly knocked over when there is liquid trapped inside the lid mechanism.

Please be aware that if the lid is subjected to sudden forces, such as rapid drinking motions, it can close automatically. Exercise particular caution when drinking hot liquids, as steam increases the sensitivity of the of the lid and can cause the TOPL disc to jump shut more easily. If this does happen, dry the lid and push the TOPL disc down again. Leave the lid in this position to allow steam to escape and pressure to equalise within the vessel.