These clever cups are designed to prevent accidental spills at your desk. If the cup topples onto a hard surface, SpillSafe® tech kicks into action, snapping the lid shut to prevent serious spills.


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SpillSafe TealSpillSafe Teal
SpillSafe Teal Sale priceFrom £33.00
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SpillSafe SaltSpillSafe Salt
SpillSafe Salt Sale priceFrom £33.00
SpillSafe CharcoalSpillSafe Charcoal
SpillSafe Charcoal Sale priceFrom £33.00
SpillSafe StoneSpillSafe Stone
SpillSafe Stone Sale priceFrom £33.00
SpillSafe CoralSpillSafe Coral
SpillSafe Coral Sale priceFrom £33.00
SpillSafe Spare LidSpillSafe Spare Lid
SpillSafe Spare Lid Sale price£15.00