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TOPL Reusable Coffee Cup 12oz Stone Grey


Drinking pleasure - whenever, wherever.

TOPL is designed to elevate your on-the-go drinking game - balancing form, function & purpose for a better, safer sipping experience.

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What makes a TOPL cup exceptional?


  • TOPL has a lockable lid meaning your coffee stays in the cup (and not all over your hands) when you're bumped on the bus.
  • If your TOPL is accidentally knocked over, Spill-Safe Technology will activate automatically, snapping shut so that you never have to worry about hot liquid damaging your laptop again.
  • The 360 lid regulates flow meaning you can sip you hot drink from any angle without scolding your lips.
  • TOPL comes in a variety of beautiful colours and two sizes, 8oz and 12oz (standard barista sizes).

Ever wondered why sipping coffee from your favourite ceramic tastes so good? It's because of your sense of smell, which accounts for up to 95% of taste. Disposable takeaway coffee cups only have those tiny holes for you to drink and smell through, stifling taste and flavour. We did some research and found disposable lids were designed in the 1960’s and although the way we source, drink and enjoy hot drinks has evolved over the last 50 years, the lids have not. Whether you enjoy specialty coffee from your local coffee shop, or you simply like to keep a hot drink within reach of your computer, isn't it time you invested in a quality reusable cup?



  • Barista standard sizing:
  • 12oz / 354 us fl oz
  • Base width = 59mm
  • Lid height = 21mm
  • Overall height (with lid) = 151mm


 Lid Cup Base
Polypropylene 304 Stainless Steel
Certified non-toxic Stain, odour and scratch resistant Medical grade silicone
BPA free Non-porous