Introducing Flow360

Flow360 is our newest addition to the TOPL Family. It features the same fan-favourite 360 drinking - now with a clear centrepiece, so you can enjoy your latte art. The best taste comes from both flavour and smell so, as always, our lids release those all-essential aromas. With patented flow360 technology you can sip with the perfect flow, too. 
TOPL Cobranding

Sneak Peak


Flow360 cups now come with colour-matched lids for a minimalist, monocrome look. Coffee-to-go never looked so sleek. Help us to pick the next colour!
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TOPL Cobranding

Customisation & corporate branding

Give your team, customers and loyal-followers something to show-off. We're experts in coffee-on-the-go and our cups are built for life with meticulous material selection - ensuring they will be used long into the future.