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Top 5 Gifts for Coffee Lovers

It’s been an unusual year, but one reliable constant is the sound of jingle bells which we can all start to hear now. Whether you’re sticking to online shopping for Christmas gifts or getting out onto the high street, here’s some ideas for inspiration for any coffee lovers in your life…

High street coffee shop gift card

Most larger chains are offering gift cards on their websites but don’t overlook what’s on your doorstep. If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a neighbour or someone who lives close by, a gift card from your local coffee shop not only helps support independent businesses in what’s been an incredibly difficult year, but also gives the recipient something to look forward to once we’re allowed out and about again.

Organic coffee gift set

Another one that’s easy to find with a quick Google search but again, don’t overlook what’s local to you. Local farm shops and independent delicatessen are a great source for finding coffee gifts sets and hot drink hampers. The added benefit of shopping from your local independent shops is they’re often wonderfully unique so you know the recipient is unlikely to get the same gift from anyone else.

Coffee machine

If you want to treat someone special, a coffee machine is the perfect gift. It says you appreciate how hard they often work, and you wish them a little luxury every day. From a budget friendly drip coffee maker that doesn’t take up too much worktop space to a large espresso coffee maker that can be more of an investment appliance, you can scale this gift idea up or down with ease. Just make sure you know how much kitchen space they have before you get too carried away!

Experience day

For the person in your life who has everything, experience gifts are the way forward. Not only is this the perfect gift to avoid environmentally damaging packaging, it suits the person who treasures memories over possessions. From have a go barrister training and learning how to make latte art to tasting sessions for a real coffee connoisseur, an experience day is perfect when you’re looking for something a little bit different.


Well, we couldn’t write a whole piece about perfect coffee gifts without pointing out the benefits of a TOPLCUP. Whether you know someone who’s going to be back to commuting soon or they’re going to work from home once the world returns to normal, the TOPLCUP is ideal for anyone always on the go who loves a good cup of coffee. As well as keeping your drink warmer longer than any traditional mug, the Spill Safe technology makes it as perfect for the commute as it does sitting next to any expensive phones and laptops.


Written by susie humphrey

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