For the Love of Coffee – Has Lockdown Changed Our Drinking Habits?

For the Love of Coffee – Has Lockdown Changed Our Drinking Habits?

  • According to reports from Cardiff and Southampton universities, the majority of workers are more productive working from home
  • Pre-pandemic, around 6% of workers worked from home, by April, 43% had adopted this new way of working
  • As uncertainty looms as to when we’ll be back in the office, many employers are open to introducing more flexible working

Whether you’re back in the office or still working from home, one thing’s for sure; we’ve all had to adapt whilst ensuring our productivity doesn’t drop. Here in the UK, one thing hasn’t changed throughout everything that’s been going on; we all still love a good hot drink. When it comes to tea and coffee, it’s not just the office environment that makes us reach for the kettle, it’s the comforting habit of choice that doesn’t change no matter where you’re working.

It’s not surprising to learn that The Guardian reported sales of tea and coffee increased by £24million in July. If we look at Google’s Trend data, we can see interest for coffee machines increased by 16% from March to April. Here at Topl, we obviously love a good cup of coffee which is why we’ve spent so much time engineering the perfect cup which we’re really excited to share with you. But the reusable coffee cup isn’t just for commuters – don’t get me wrong here, it’s obviously the perfect accessory for anyone on the go – it’s ideal for anyone who’s super busy no matter where they’re working.

Whether you’ve taken the time to make yourself the perfect pour over coffee or you’re getting through the day with your trusty favourite brand of instant, coffee always tastes better hot. By the time you’ve quickly answered that email, joined in that conversation on Slack or participated in a Zoom meeting, your coffee has gone cold in a traditional mug. But if it’s poured straight into your trusty vacuum insulated cup, it’s staying hot for hours. A great design feature of the Topl reusable cup is that its spill safe technology and lockable lid, means it’s not going to get accidently knocked over your laptop. For those working from home at the moment with kids running about, this feature can be a game changer! It means no little hands are reaching for liquid that could potentially scold them and no boisterous play will be sending your cuppa flying.

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